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Portraits From the Edge

By © Jon Lewis | Hardcover Photo Book in a Gloss Printed cover with 88 Satin 170g pages



The Book

Photographer Jon Lewis spent six months travelling through the atolls of Kiribati, recording his experiences of the people and place, with his camera and journals. This is a highly original look at the world's most vulnerable people, soon to be overwhelmed by climate change. Here we meet the people from Kiribati, who through no fault of their own, are fast becoming the very first environmentally displaced peoples.

The Photographer & Author

Jon Lewis first exhibited in 1974. He was a member of Sydney's "Yellow House" in the early 70's, went on to make experimental video with "Bush Video", and in 1977 was a founder of Greenpeace Australia, which led a successful campaign to end the slaughter of whales in that country. His interests are reflected in his photography, and when not on the hop, photographing or teaching, lives in the Southern Highlands of NSW, where he schemes for sponsorship, reads, writes and dreams.

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