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Sacred sites: Royal National Park

By © Belinda Allen | Grand Hardcover Photo Book in a Matte Printed cover with 36 Satin 170g pages

(430mm x 307mm)

Description Each of us has our own 'sacred sites' - those places that are embedded in our lives, connected to a realm beyond the mundane. The depiction of natural environments in 'mandala' format expresses the potential for a transcendental relationship to landscape, and invites an immersive and meditative experience. The photographs used in these compositions are taken in and around the Royal National Park south of Sydney.

Belinda Allen has worked for many years in a variety of photographic and digital media. She lives in Bundeena in the Royal National Park, and shows her work in solo and group exhibitions locally and nationally. For a portfolio of work see

This portfolio available in a limited edition of 100.
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