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Shifting Sands - 2015 Charity Fund-raising Calendar

By © philip martins | photography 2014 - | Fund-raising 12 Month Calendar

(270mm x 385mm)

This project is proudly supported by Momento

Description Melbourne photographer Philip Martins is excited to release his 2015 fund-raising calendar, Shifting Sands, in support of Redkite.

Redkite is a leading national cancer charity that supports children and young people up to the age of 24 with cancer, and the families and friends that care for them.

Redkite's support is available from hospital to home: from the devastating moment of diagnosis, throughout long treatment periods and when families return home.

Redkite helps with the essential must-haves including information, counselling, financial assistance and help keeping up with school and training.

All profits from the sale of this years calendar will be donated to Redkite.

An ideal gift this Christmas!
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