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Admiring the View

By © Antoine Veling | Photo Journalism Hardcover Photo Book in a Gloss Printed cover with 108 Sovereign 120g pages


Description Jonathan Armstrong started photography at 12 years old when he inherited his grandfather's 35mm Minolta "SRT-Super" SLR. However, photography was in his genes and a significant part of his childhood. Among other things, his father, Michael Armstrong, was an award winning travel, portrait, landscape and street photographer. In those years of photography-osmosis, Jonathan soon realised that another kind of chemical reaction had occurred - a fusion of his technical skills, his drummer's sense of timing, and an intangible photographic sensibility.

This book contains 100 of Jonathan's photographs curated by Antoine Veling. It is an appreciation of Jonathan's art and was produced to honour his 50th birthday in December 2017.
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