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Momento Shop Help for Sellers

Uniquely Australian

Momento Shop is a marketplace for premium Australian photo books and photo products, created by local photographers, artists, corporates and charities.

How to sell

  • Sign up to Momento Pro (learn more about the Benefits)
  • Design your photo book, card or calendar in Momento's software
  • Upload the MBF file to your account and it will appear in Your Projects list
  • Set your sale price, profit margin and bank account via the Sell button
  • Choose to sell via a public or private web page
  • Promote your product to your networks
  • Note: There are no upfront costs to sell via Momento Shop, and you do not have to order a print via Momento Pro before you sell at Momento Shop.

Revenue & reporting

  • You are required to provide your ABN and bank account via Your Profile page
  • Momento remits sales revenue on a quarterly basis (minimum sales required)
  • Sales and revenue details are available via your Reports page
  • Momento provides a Recipient Created Tax Invoice for accounting purposes

Momento Shop - Tips and Tricks for selling your project

We promote Momento Shop as the place to find unique and award-winning Australian photo products but the best way to generate sales for your work will come from you!

1. Use the Sharing tools in your Projects list to post your animated preview and Shop link:

  • on your website
  • across your social media channels
  • in your email newsletter
  • on your blog

2. Print 5-10 books to showcase and sell at your photo exhibition (most sales occur on opening nights when everyone's excited). Hand out promo cards to your Shop page to encourage future sales.

3. Send a media release about your new photo book to relevant blogs and magazines.  Include the link to your Shop web page to make buying easy.


"Over the past two years, the team at Momento have been fantastic in supporting my annual charity photographic calendar, which in 2012 raised over $1,200 for Médecins Sans Frontières Australia.  The new Momento online shop was a great way for me to advertise my calendar and assisted greatly in increasing my sales.  The staff at Momento have always displayed great customer service to any queries I have had and have been a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to continue my association with Momento for my future projects."


Philip Martins – Philip Martins | Photography.




Momento Pro Photobooks Sell a special edition book of your best photographs.


Popular Photobook Themes

  • Travel
  • Photojournalism
  • Artist books
Momento Pro Wall Calendars Wall Calendars are a great way promote your photo business by featuring your best photos each month.  Think of it like a portfolio you can gift or sell to clients.


Momento Pro Desk Calendars

A stylish, compact calendar that features one photograph for each month.


Popular Calendar Themes: 

  • Travel
  • Landscapes
  • Animals
Momento Pro Notables

Fast and easy to design, put your best photograph on the front cover with the inside filled with your choice of diary, lined or blank pages.

Momento Pro Greeting Cards

Create seasonal cards for yearly celebrations or generic cards that can be purchased all year round.


Popular Greeting Card Themes:

  • Celebrations
  • Pets
  • Architecture
Momento Pro Diaries

Design the front cover and inside pages of a diary to have your best photographs on display all year round.


Popular Diary/Notable Themes:

  • Landscapes
  • Travel
  • Hand Drawn / Artwork

Momento Shop - Frequently Asked Questions


Who can list products for sale?

For now, listing new items for sale in our shop is limited to members of Momento Pro - professional photographers, designers and other content creators.


I'm not a professional, will I be able to list items in Shop too?

We plan on enabling listings for everyone in the coming weeks however if you have a special project in mind before then, please contact us so we can look at how to help get your item listed.


I have more questions that aren't covered here?

We've developed a more detailed FAQ which is accessible to Momento Pro members here or call our customer service team on 1300 799 764.