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Frequently Asked Questions

Please call or email us if you your questions aren't answered here.


What is the Momento Shop?

The Momento Shop is a new online marketplace where you can sell any of your Momento projects. Items can be listed for sale with or without a markup (profit margin), as well as being listed for sale privately or within the public shop.


How does it work?

You can sell any Momento project that has been uploaded to your user profile. This includes photobooks, cards, diaries, Notables and calendars.


How is the pricing determined?

The price that you usually pay for an item is now your base price for any project you make available for sale in the Momento Shop. You have the option to add a margin to that cost to give yourself a profit from any sales, or you can list your item for sale with no margin but you won't make any money if it sells.


This sounds good, what products do you think will sell the best?

At this point it's hard to know exactly but we think items with great photos at a fair price stand to sell the most. Be sure to consider who might be interested in your work and how much it might be worth to them. Coming into Christmas, we know that photobooks, calendars and Christmas themed cards will be very popular.


What's the difference between Private and Public sales pages?

Private sales pages are only accessible via a direct URL link, that you promote to whomever you want to share the project with. If you want your items to be viewable by anyone that visits the shop, be sure to make them Public.


How do I stop the sale of my products?

You can stop your products page from being available at any time by signing in and click on the "Sell Settings" button for the product on your Prjects page.


Are shop items vetted for copyright or offensive content?

All projects and sellers will need to adhere to new Terms & Conditions specifically for the shop and these cover copyright and offensive content. Furthermore, we have implemented a way for users to flag or report items of concern to them for us to look at and take any necessary remedial action.


Are there special rates for charities or other fundraising projects?

Please contact us so that we can assess your requirements and see how we can support your fundraising project.


I think my project could sell a lot of copies, can I get a better selling price?

Please contact us so that we can assess your project for improved pricing.


Can I change the price of my product after it goes live in the shop?

Yes, you can make changes to your product listing at any time however we would suggest only making changes where absolutely necessary. If in doubt, please contact us for assistance.


By listing my item for sale, am I passing copyright to Momento?

No, you still retain copyright however you are giving us permission to print the item on your behalf. Momento is not a publisher.


I want to list my item as a Limited Edition - is this possible?

Not right now however it's a feature that we would like to add in the future to allow limited copies to be sold.


How can I see how many copies of my projects have been purchased?

Once the shop goes live on 1 September, we'll enable the reports functionality so that you can see what has been sold and how much money you've made.


Can I see who has purchased my projects?

Due to privacy restrictions, we are not able to share this information with you.


How do I get paid for any of the sales that have been made?

We process automatic remittances once per quarter to any member that has accrued more than $100 in profit from their sales. It is your responsibility to ensure that your details are kept up to date to help facilitate the smooth transfer of any funds that might be due to you. Remittances are scheduled for 15 January, 15 April, 15 July and 15 October each year.


Can I get my profits transferred to my user profile to pay for any of my own orders?

Unfortunately not, mainly due to ATO rules. We need to remit any profits to you in cash form, which of course you are welcome to spend with us if you wish.


What's the difference between the Featured and Standard areas of the shop?

The Featured section is where all the Momento sponsored projects will be promoted to ensure that these get the highest visibility on the site. We welcome any proposals or ideas for sponsorship.


How is the Momento Shop being promoted? How will people see my product if I list it for sale?

We've worked hard to create a loyal customer base across Australia, and we'll not only promote the initial shop launch but we'll also promote key projects in the weeks ahead to keep customers visiting the site. But we'd love it of course if you could help us by promoting any of your projects out to your network via Facebook, email or your own website. Together we can make the shop a vibrant marketplace that we can all profit from.


What is your policy if a customer is unhappy with an item they've bought?

All sales are final unless the item is defective or was damaged during delivery.


Can I return something if after seeing it I've decided I don't want it anymore or don't like it?

If the item has been damaged or is defective in manufacture, we will happily replace the item. We do not offer exchanges or refunds if you change your mind or decide you don't like the product you've bought.