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Frequently Asked Questions

Please call or email us if you your questions aren't answered here.


What is Momento Shop?

It is an online marketplace where you can sell your Momento projects with or without a markup, via a dedicated private or public Momento Shop web page.


How does it work?

You can sell any project that has been uploaded to your Momento account.


How do I set the Sale Price?

The minimum sale price in Momento Shop is the cost of ordering a single copy at Momento. You then have the option to add a margin to your Sale Price, so you can make a profit.


What are the Private and Public sale options?

Every product made available for sale has its own unique Shop page generated, that includes all the product details, an image, and a Buy button. If you want your product to be visible to anyone visiting Momento Shop choose the Public option. If you want your product to be available to a select audience only, choose the Private option then copy the weblink provided to share access.


Can I change the Sale Price or stop selling my products?

Yes, you can make changes or stop selling your product at any time by logging in to your Momento Projects page and clicking the "Sell Settings" button.

Can any product be listed for sale in Momento Shop?

All projects and sellers must adhere to Momento Shop's Terms & Conditions that include specific copyright requirements and limitations on offensive content. Users also have the ability to report items of concern and following review we will take any necessary remedial action.


Will I be transferring copyright to Momento?

No. You retain copyright, you are just permitting us to print the item on your behalf.


How do I get paid for purchases made?

We will email a sales report and process remittances to any member that has accrued more than $100 in profit from their sales on a quarterly basis. Remittances are scheduled for 15 January, 15 April, 15 July and 15 October each year. It is your responsibility to keep your contact and account details up to date.


Can I use the profits from my Momento Shop sales to pay for my Momento orders?

No. Due to ATO rules we must remit any profits to you in cash - which you are welcome to spend with us if you wish!

Can I see who purchases my projects?

Due to privacy restrictions, we are not able to share this information with you.


How does my project get Featured in Momento Shop?

Projects that Momento has sponsored may be Featured, but please contact us if you feel your project is worthy of being showcased.


What is your policy if a customer is unhappy with an item they've bought?

If the item is defective due to manufacture or was damaged during delivery please contact us and we will arrange a replacement.