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Help - For Buyers


What is the Momento Shop?

The Momento Shop is a new online marketplace where you can browse and buy Momento projects that have been created by professional photographers, designers and other content creators.


How does it work?

Browse the items listed for sale, and when you find one you like, you can preview it by clicking the product graphic or the link. You can also read more information about the item and see the buying options by clicking on the title of the item.


How is the pricing determined?

In general the prices are set by the person that lists the item for sale in the shop. There are also some special items that Momento sponsors or supports with preferential, lower pricing. Check the item description for more details about each project.


I have a Momento Gift Voucher, credit or discount code. Can I use that to buy something from the shop?

Unless expressly stated on the voucher, or listed in the discount code terms, vouchers and codes are not valid for shop purchases. If you are unsure, please contact us for help.


Are shop items vetted for copyright or offensive content?

All sellers will need to ensure that they are the copyright holders and their items do not contain offensive content. If you have concerns about any item listed in the shop, click on the 'report abuse' link at the bottom of the item description to alert us. We'll review these items and pages and take the appropriate action.


Can the sellers see who has purchased their projects?

Due to privacy restrictions, we are not able to share information about who has purchased these items with each seller. If you like their work, we encourage you to contact them and let them know. Most sellers will include their own website link in their item description.


How long does it take to get my purchases?

It depends on the item itself as we only start making each item once it's ordered. We'll confirm the expected dispatch date with you before you complete your order. In general, our production times are:


If you have any specific requirements outside of these general guidelines please contact us so we can help you.


What is your policy if I'm unhappy with an item I've bought?

All sales are final unless the item was made incorrectly or was damaged during delivery. Please choose your items carefully and contact us if you have any questions before purchasing.


Can I return something if after seeing it I've decided I don't want it anymore or don't like it?

If the item has been damaged or has been made incorrectly, we will happily replace the item. We do not offer exchanges or refunds if you change your mind or decide you don't like the product you've bought. Please choose your items carefully and contact us if you have any questions before purchasing.


Do you deliver to overseas addresses?

Unfortunately we aren't able to deliver items to overseas addresses at this time however we are looking into the feasibility of this.


How much is Postage & Handling?

You can choose from Momento's usual postage options when you complete your order and the costs are calculated based on the products you are ordering. At this time there are options for Standard Post ($8+) and Express Post ($12+) only, however for larger orders we will contact you about delivering via a courier service.