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At the Midpoint of the Path

By © Antoine Veling | Photo Journalism Hardcover Photo Book in a Gloss Printed cover with 55 Sovereign 120g pages


Description At the midpoint of the path through life, I found
Myself lost in a wood so dark, the way
Ahead was blotted out. The keening sound
I still make shows how hard it is to say
How harsh and bitter that place felt to me -
Merely to think of it renews the fear -
So bad that death by only a degree
Could possibly be worse. As you shall hear,
It led to good things too, eventually,
But there and then I saw no sign of those,
And can't say even now how I had come
To be there, stunned and following my nose
Away from the straight path. And then,
still numb...

I saw great things. Give them nobility.
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